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Full Range of Services for Real Estate Transactions in North Central Florida, including Live Oak, Lake City, and Surrounding Areas

Abstract & Title Services, Inc. is a North Florida Title Insurance Agency offering a full range of settlement services for real estate transactions, title insurance, escrow services, and other closing services. Our title insurance and settlement services team can handle any type of residential or commercial real estate closing throughout Florida.

Our History as North Florida Title Insurance Agency

Our North Florida Title Insurance Services All of Florida
Our North Florida Title Insurance Agency Services All of Florida

We have been serving Suwannee County and the surrounding areas since 1977 when the company was purchased by Michael Harrell from his mentor and his friend Mr. Vic English. As one of the leading title businesses in the North Florida area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we have developed throughout the years. We believe that all our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

Our historic Florida Title Plant dates back to the early 1800’s and includes images or indices (the plural of index) of all instruments filed with the county, court records (i.e., records of bankruptcy and probate), attorney opinions, and more.

Title plants are important tools for title companies and agents, attorneys, investors, developers, builders, real estate agents, banks and the homeowner because they give in-depth overviews of critical information regarding a tract of land and reduce the cost to produce title insurance for the client.

In 1980, Abstract & Title Services, Inc. obtained Suwannee River Land Belt records. These records consist of old tax records, tax deeds, and mineral conveyances that cannot be found in the Suwannee County public records.

In 1981, Abstract & Title Services, Inc. purchased the Lafayette County Abstract from the Lafayette County Clerk of the Circuit Court, becoming the first non-clerk entity to own a Florida title plant for Lafayette County, Florida.

In 1988, Abstract & Title Services, Inc. expanded by opening a Florida title insurance office in Lake City, Florida, and obtained a Florida title plant for Columbia County, Florida by purchasing Direct & Indirect Indexes dating back to the early 1900’s from the Columbia County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

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