Tropical Storm Debby: Pictures of Damage, Sinkholes, and Flooding

Tropical Storm Debby Damage

While the flood water in North Florida is finally receding, the damage from Tropical Storm Debby is yet to be fully determined. Florida officials said Thursday that Tropical Storm Debby was responsible for numerous injuries, and in some cases, even death. Storm-related injuries were also reported in Highlands, Pasco, Polk, Lake and Madison counties. Some authorities report that Debbie was churning up 8- to 10-foot waves in the Gulf of Mexico at times. Debby hovered in the Gulf of Mexico for days before slowly blowing across North Florida dumping more than two feet of water in some parts.

Tropical Storm Debby Pictures

Some pictures of the Tropical Storm Debby Flood Damage and Tropical Storm Debby Sinkhole Damage are listed below:

Governor Rick Scott in Live Oak, Florida

Gov. Rick Scott traveled to Live Oak, Florida and other areas that were hit hard by the flooding to survey the flood damages. Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron said he hadn’t seen so much flooding in Live Oak and surrounding areas since 1964, when he was 11 and Hurricane Dora flooded the small, north-central Florida community. Then, he helped his grandfather pump water out of the city. “The problem we have right now is sink holes, that’s our number one problem at this time,” Cameron said. “We’ve got a lot of roads that are still under water. There are probably 300 cars scattered around the county sitting under water.”

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